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WR Calvin Johnson
WR Calvin Johnson caught 10 passes for 121 yards at Arizona (9/16). With his effort against the Cardinals, Johnson reached or surpassed several individual, team and NFL milestones. On the season, he has a career-high 106 catches for 1,667 yards.

With 1,667 receiving yards through 14 games, Johnson has stayed on pace to break the NFL’s all-time single-season record for receiving yards set by Hall of Fame WR Jerry Rice with 1,848 yards in 1995. Johnson is now 181 yards shy of Rice’s mark and needs to average 90.5 receiving yards per game in the team’s final two games to tie Rice’s record.

Johnson trails WR Herman Moore by 20 yards for the Lions’ single-season record. Moore set the franchise record with 1,686 yards in 1995. Johnson finished the 2011 season just five yards shy of the mark when he recorded a career-best 1,681 yards.

With 121 yards at Arizona, Johnson registered his seventh-straight 100-yard receiving game and tied the NFL record for consecutive 100-yard games (7; WR Charley Hennigan in 1967 and WR Michael Irvin in 1995).

He broke the Lions franchise record for consecutive 100-yard receiving games previously set by WR Pat Studsill (6) in 1966.

Johnson garnered his 10th 100-yard receiving game this season and is now tied for the second-most during a season in NFL history (10; WR Charley Hennigan in 1961, WR Herman Moore in 1995, WR Marvin Harrison in 2002 and WR Torry Holt in 2003).

By reaching 10 100-yard games in 2012, he tied the Lions franchise record of 10 set by WR Herman Moore in 1995.

He tallied his 31st career 100-yard receiving game and 18th over the past two seasons.

With 1,667 receiving yards in 2012, Johnson has surpassed 1,600 receiving yards this season, becoming the first receiver in NFL history with back-to-back 1,600-yard seasons.

He joins WR Marvin Harrison (1999, 2001) and WR Torry Holt (2,000 and 2003) as the only players in NFL history with two 1,600-yard receiving seasons.

Johnson is only the third player in NFL history to register 1,600 yards in the first 14 games of the season and the first to do so since WR Lance Alworth (1,602) in 1965. He has the second-most yards through 14 games behind WR Charley Hennigan (1,746 in 1961).

With 10 catches today, Johnson moved his receptions output on the season to 106. He is now the third player in team history to record 100 receptions in a season. Johnson is the first to accomplish this since WR Herman Moore had 104 receptions in 1997.

Johnson’s 106 receptions are tied with Moore (106 in 1996) for the third-highest single-season total in Lions history.

It is the fifth season a player has registered 100+ receptions in team history

With 10 receptions at Arizona, Johnson registered his fifth game this season with 10+ receptions and set a new franchise record for most games of 10+ receptions in a single season. He broke the team’s record previously set by WR Herman Moore, who had four in 1995.

His 10-catch outing at Arizona was the third consecutive game with 10+ receptions (13 vs. Ind 12/2; 10 at GB 12/9; 10 at Arz 12/16), tying a franchise record set by WR Brett Perriman in 1995 (10 at TB 11/12/95; 12 at Chi 11/19/95; 12 vs. Min 12/23/95).

Johnson registered his eighth career game with 10+ receptions, which trails WR Herman Moore’s career franchise record of nine.

Johnson now has tallied 3,348 receiving yards since the beginning of the 2011 season. He has set the NFL record for most receiving yards over a two-year span. He surpassed the previous mark of 3,347 yards by Hall of Fame WR Jerry Rice in 1994-95.

Johnson now has tallied 3,348 receiving yards since the beginning of the 2011 season. He has set the NFL record for most receiving yards over a two-year span. He surpassed the previous mark of 3,347 yards by Hall of Fame WR Jerry Rice in 1994-95.

THE LOWLIGHTS...from Today's Presser.


The most disappointing aspect of the loss to Arizona: “Well, we’ve had a lot of games this year that came down to one play. You know, one critical play in the fourth quarter that you look at and say, ‘Hey, if we made that one we would have won the game.’ We can’t be na├»ve to think that this was one of those games. Even though we have a chance to pull within seven with six minutes to play, that really wasn’t the case in this game. There were way too many errors in this game to have a chance to win and it showed on the scoreboard.”

If the mistakes on the field have been mental errors: “We had very few mental mistakes in the game. You know, we had a couple false starts with crowd noise. I mean, we need to do a better job with those, but we had very few times where guys weren’t in the right position or stuff like that. I’m never going to get up here and say that talent’s our issue. I have confidence in our players. If we put them on the field, we have confidence in them. You know, you might not always have a full complement of players, but it’s our job as coaches to put those guys in position. Try to find the combination of guys and try to find a way to get it done. We were short a defensive lineman this week. We went to some three defensive lineman packages. We’ve always adjusted and that’s just our job as coaches, and it’s players’ jobs as players to make those adjustments.”

If the coaching staff is preparing the team well enough: “We’re all in this together and this team goes out and works hard and prepares every single week. We haven’t always gotten it done on Sundays, particularly these last six weeks. And we’re going to work hard to get that right.”

What responsibility he takes as coach: “One hundred percent. I appreciate it when a quarterback wants to take blame for it, but ultimately it’s the head coach’s responsibility. I mean, head coaches always have a record. Other than playoffs I don’t know if I’ve ever seen quarterbacks have records. Usually it’s playoffs, ‘Hey this guy is whatever in the playoffs.’ The ultimate responsibility of the team is the head coach and I need to do a better job, 4-10 isn’t good enough.”

How disturbed he is by a six-game losing streak: “Well, we’re not happy about it. It’s been a long time since we’ve won. We’ll work hard to get that right but it’s certainly not something we’re happy about.”

LB Stephen Tulloch’s comment about players on one-year deals having that on their minds on the field: “I don’t think that has anything to do with our coaching staff. Players, I mean, it’s a real dynamic as far as the business of the NFL when it comes to players. I think all our players are professional and they leave that aside when it comes to playing in the game. I don’t want to speak for Stephen but I haven’t seen any sign of that. I think we have a lot of guys that are on the last year of the deal that are having some of their best seasons.”